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ALLib (Fuzzy Logic for Geo-Fencing)

This is a specific problem that had to be addressed in a native iPad navigation app developed by 99X Technology for a GIS customer. The app provided specialized maps for people going on boating. The app had a geo;fencing functionality… Continue Reading →

Web Accessibility Guide

The main tool used by blind people to access web information is screen reader, which is capable of converting textual data into audible format. One prominent challenge they confront is that a significant amount of information is either encoded into… Continue Reading →

TV Show Recommendation System

This research was carried out as a part of 99X Technology’s project “Televisionary”. In this we implemented a system which is capable of recommending TV shows for TV fans based their interests. The system is based on collaborative filtering which… Continue Reading →

Unifying UI Between OS X and iOS (SATURN 2013 – USA)

View models combined with traditional MVC can improve code reuse significantly while providing other advantages for applications targeting both OS X and iOS

NoSQL Databases Performance Benchmarking

This work involved assessing the feasibility of utilizing different NoSQL databases in handling a huge tree data structure with heterogeneous nodes in which heterogeneity implies that each node can embody a unique attribute set. It is a prominent requirement arising… Continue Reading →

Software Quality Monitor

Software functional testing can unveil a wide range of potential malfunctions in applications. However, there is a significant fraction of errors that will be hardly detected through a traditional testing process. Problems such as memory corruptions, memory leaks, performance bottlenecks,… Continue Reading →

Adaptive UI for Mobile

Mobile optimized web applications provide many user interface (UI) elements such as buttons, checkboxes, drop;down menus, text fields, pop;up windows, etc., which enhance and improve the user experience in using these applications. Most web applications provide the same user interface… Continue Reading →


GeoSpiro, is a community driven interactive mobile geographic information system developed for low-end Android smartphones. It disseminates the capabilities of “Community GIS” to users with less purchasing power It facilitates almost all the features provided by other high-end smartphone applications… Continue Reading →


Decision support tool for iOS. Runs in iPad and iPhone. ALMUR’s intelligence is powered by Fuzzy Logic. Supports problem domain definition, training and questioning.

Project Connect – Low cost Gaze tracking System as a Human Interfacing Device for Assistive Computing.

Challenge Come up with a solution a for people who are infected with diseases such as ALS a device to interact with computer using their eye movements. Solution Fixed a IR camera onto a frame of a spec to track… Continue Reading →

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