Media & Entertainment (TV Shows)


More than 70% TV viewers use a second device while watching TV shows (so called “Second Screen Phenomenon”). This second screen, more often than not, is a smartphone. User might tweet about the show, watch trailers, see celebrity details, etc using this second screen. The challenge is to provide everything TV viewers need from the second screen in one app so that the viewer will be using that throughout the show time. Then use this app to collect viewer sentiments about different parts of the show which can constitute vital information when calculating TV show ratings.


99X Technology implemented a native Windows Phone app providing all features expected by TV viewers starting from getting to know about the show up to commenting after watching the show. Some highlighted features include trending shows, show details, cast, trailers, reminders, check;ins, tweets & community building. Televisionary check;in screen provides an interface for users to record their sentiment about the show every minute while watching it (sentiment cloud). Televisionary backend provides tools that generates big data insights on user sentiments.


Silverlight, Windows Live Tiles, Push Notifications, Apache Spark, Support Vector Machines.


  • Winner in “Media & Entertainment” category in National Best Quality ICT Awards Sri Lanka, 2014
  • First runner up in all categories in National Best Quality ICT Awards Sri Lanka, 2014
  • Represented Sri Lanka in Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2014
  • Represented Sri Lanka under “Media & Entertainment” category in WSA global appscompetition in 2014
  • Featured in Windows app store as one of the innovative apps

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