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Occu – Motion Based Occupancy Indicator

Challenge Come up with a solution to indicate occupancy of a room using motion sensors. Solution Solution was based on low cost Arduino powered Transmitter and receiver components. Transmitter will have motion sensors to detect the occupancy of the room… Continue Reading →

TagPark – Automated solution for car park ticket purchasing using RFID

Challenge Implement a total automated solution for ticket purchasing in car park. Including a device to track vehicle parking occurrences. Solution HARDWARE Low cost Arduino based RFID readers to calculate time vehicles spending in parking slots and Arduino Mega powered… Continue Reading →

wifiPowerBox – Smart Power Control

Challenge Implement an intelligent power control for homes and offices. And a software framework which can talk to AC power control hardware and interface with the modern web and mobile platforms. Solution We designed our power outlets to be used… Continue Reading →

Project Virgil – Automated Visitor Identification

Domain Face Detection and Recognition Challenge Identify the visitors that comes to 99x premises and alert relevant users about visitor presence Solution 99xT developed a solution which is Image processing application which can detect and identify visitors face. if system… Continue Reading →

Meera – Smart Meeting room Assistant

Domain Facility management Challenge Provide a user friendly platform for users to find a not occupied meeting rooms and optimise the usage of meeting rooms. Solution Each meeting room has a IoT device which is transmitting multiple sensor data to… Continue Reading →


Domain Embedded systems Challenge Provide safety and convenience features typically found in a high;end luxury automobile to a typical motorcyclist. Solution iHelmet has an array of sensors that constantly monitor the environment around the motorcycle and its speed, to provide… Continue Reading →

Time Registry

Domain Embedded Systems Challenge One customer of 99X Technology that uses the device Unitech MR650;M0EA0G (runs Windows CE) for employee time registering in construction sites. The device reads employee identity card and sends time in / time out information to… Continue Reading →


Domain Voice Over IP Challenge Provide a compelling experience in Android devices enabling users to make cheap international calls utilizing an innovative backend technology. Solution 99X Technology mobile team designed and implemented a native android app that provides a modern… Continue Reading →


Domain Media & Entertainment (TV Shows) Challenge More than 70% TV viewers use a second device while watching TV shows (so called “Second Screen Phenomenon”). This second screen, more often than not, is a smartphone. User might tweet about the… Continue Reading →

Facility Manager

Domain Facility Management Systems Challenge Enable Facilit users to identify facilities inside buildings (printers, air conditioners, rooms, etc.), locate them and report requests (defects, improvements) pertaining to them with the convenience of a smartphone Solution 99X Technology designed and implemented… Continue Reading →


Domain Lighting Devices Challenge Provide the ability for the users of an innovative LED-based lighting device to control it (colour, brightness, light temperature, lighting pattern, etc.) via a smartphone. Solution 99X Technology designed and implemented an android native app that… Continue Reading →


Domain Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Challenge Provide a specialized map in iPhone for people going on trekking and hiking to find places of interest, record their journeys and share. The functionality must be available when there is weak or no… Continue Reading →

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