This is a specific problem that had to be addressed in a native iPad navigation app developed by 99X Technology for a GIS customer. The app provided specialized maps for people going on boating. The app had a geo;fencing functionality where it had to alert the user in case “the boat is being dragged by wind”. This comes into use when the user sleeps after anchoring the boat. The app is supposed to use GPS location changes to detect the rare but dangerous incident that the anchor being broken and boat moves with wind without the user noticing. The problem arose due to the high error levels of civil GPS coordinates. As sometimes the error in GPS readings can be as high as few hundred metres it is challenging for the app to determine whether a perceived change in location is an actual movement.

We implemented a fuzzy logic based solution which is capable of looking at a series of GPS coordinates and make a human;like decision on on whether the boat is moving. It does this using a pre;learned fuzzy rulebase. In implementing this solution, 99X team developed the fuzzy logic library which happened to be the first open source fuzzy logic library in Objective C.

Collaborated with: Informatics Institute of Technology

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