Do you think compliance matters?

As Software Engineers we build products belong to various domains. Regardless of the domain, the responsibility of securing our customers’ sensitive data rests on our shoulders. You could be running your product on-premises, You could be running it on cloud or may be you are planning to migrate to cloud. Whichever the case, ‘customer data security’ is important.

Oftentimes, you must adhere to inherent regulatory compliances of specific product domains as well. For example if you are into the domain of e-commerce and handle credit card information of the users, you must be PCI DSS compliant. If you are into the healthcare domain, you probably have to be HIPAA compliant. Likewise, there are many regulatory compliances exist in various domains.

If your product belongs to such a domain you must adhere to related compliances. Failure to compliance could lead to legal actions and major penalties.

AWS for Rescue 🙂

If your systems happen to be in the AWS cloud platform, you are lucky. AWS offers many services to achieve compliance much easier. Have a look at the Key AWS Certifications and Assurance Programs in the below figure.

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Written By : Manoj Fernando, Associate Tech Lead, 99X Technology