I’ve fallen in love with Angular. I’ve just thought of sharing the feeling with you guys. Just Enjoy… ❤

It’s been 5–6 months since Angular released its stable version 2.0.0. Today, the stable version 4.0.0 has been released. Unlike the change from Angular JS to Angular, It’s going to be awesome with the upgrades.

Why I am writing about Angular 2 now when they’re gonna release the Angular 4? Well, I am writing about Angular. Version upgrades is a cause of breaking changes and it’s not a rewrite like Angular version 1 to version 2.

More information about how the versions are going to work in the future

The next few words you’re going to read will touch on a few things about the platform. You read it right. It’s a platform. If you’re an Angular expert don’t waste your time reading this article. 😉

One of the best thing about the platform is it’s well structured architecture. This is the reason for most developers to fall in love with Angular. It holds a consistent coding pattern that proves the fact that it is well structured. You might feel that the code is much cleaner with the usage of ES classes, the handy approach of dependency injection and MVVM architectural patterns.

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Written By : Saiyaff Farouk, Trainee Software engineer, 99X Technology