Azure Functions is the Microsoft’s way of providing a Serverless computing platform for developers allowing them to quickly create solutions buy just writing the code you need for the problem at hand without the need to think about the infrastructure that the application needs to run on. At the heart of Azure Functions, you find the idea of Code and Events. Code is the component that you as a developer supplies as a solution for the problem at hand and a function that can be written in C#, F#, Node.js etc. Then you can tell what Event should trigger that code. Azure Functions does the rest. Azure Functions is a fantastic solution for Integrating Systems, Data Processing, Microservices, IoT Solutions and for Simple APIs.

You write small prices of code “Functions” and run these in the cloud. This makes it much more easy and productive to provide solutions, especially when you don’t need to worry about creating the infrastructure necessary to run the code, worry about scaling the solutions since Azure Functions takes care of scaling as and when its needed. But for me one of the most important things is the cost, you only pay for the time your code is running and no more. This allows us to develop solutions in fractions of the cost, compared it with let’s say an application running on a Virtual Machine on Azure.

If you think about it, Azure Functions allows us to run our Code as a response to an Event trigger, but we can achieve the same thing with the current offerings that Azure provides such as Cloud Services, Azure Web App and Web Jobs. So, the question arises,

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Written By : Kasun Kodagoda, Senior Software Engineer, 99X Technology