In the first article of this series, we had an introduction in to Azure Functions and what features it brings for developers. We talked about all the fundamentals we need to start working with Azure Functions. In this article, we will look in to how to create a Function Application in the Azure Portal and look at the features provided by the Function Apps to get our-self familiar with the user interface of Functions Applications.

Let’s start by creating a Function App from the Portal. Login to the Azure Portal at and from the side menu click on Green Plus button (1) to create a new resource. Then search for “Function” in the search box (2) and the first result should be the Function App (3).

1. search-for-functions

Click on the Function App link on the search results and a new blade will appear with a button to create the function app. Click on the Create button (4) to create the function application.

A new blade will pop up where you need to add the details related to your Function App (1). You need to add a Unique App Name which will become the URL for the Function App. Then select the Subscription and Create or Select an existing Resource Group your Function App deploys to. Next is one of the important selections. You need to select the Hosting Plan. There are 2 options, Consumption Plan or App Service Plan. As we discussed in the Introductory article, Consumption Plan is  a Pay-As-You-Go plan and the App Service Plan uses an existing App Service Plan or a newly created App Service Plan. If you select the App Service Plan as the hosting plan you will be given the option to select or create an App Service Plan. (We will select the Consumption Plan for this example.)

Next you need to select the Location for the Function App and then…

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Written By : Kasun Kodagoda, Senior Software Engineer, 99X Technology