In the last article of the Azure Functions: Going Serverless on Azure Platform series, we created a Function App on the Azure Portal and walked through the Function App UI and the features provided by the Function Apps. In this article, we will create our first azure function on the Azure Portal. We will create 2 functions that work together as a Function Pipeline to achieve a certain scenario.

The scenario we will use for this example Is a Simple Notification Service, where we have 2 azure functions that work together as a function pipeline. This notification service has 2 functions, a Webhook Triggered ReceiveNotification function and a Queue Triggered SendEmail function that sends out the notification as an email. We talked about what triggers are and what kinds of triggers available for azure functions in the first article of the series. Here we are using 2 types of triggers to trigger our functions. Here is a diagram that explains what we are about to do.


In this graphical overview, first the ReceiveNotificaton function which is Webhook triggered function gets triggered by a third-party service and it will process the incoming payload and put a message on to an Azure Storage Queue

This queue message will trigger the SendEmail function where the SendEmail function will process the message from the queue and generate the email. Then it will use the SendGrid output binding that has…

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Written By : Kasun Kodagoda, Senior Software Engineer, 99X Technology