First of all I will explain my intentions of writing this article. This will be series of articles about “building mobile application with react native” I won’t be talking much about why react-native is good and all. My main focus will be building an app and allow you to grasp the core functionalities of react-native, so you can dig deeper and clarify when you are building an one on your own.

I was an avid fan in ionic 2 because it was so damn easy for anyone to up build up and running mobile application in matter of hours. But however bitter truth about ionic 2 is performance , speed are no where near performance and speed of a native application. This gets worse processing more complex code there.

So what then , we stick to java ? and develop mobile application ? NO
well HELL NO ! why not ? because react native is there :D. I am pretty sure you have heard of react and how it is dominating JS frameworks. People love it because how fast it is comparing to most of the other frameworks. for react to be successful facebook played a major role. Because facebook used and develop react in house, developers were more comfortable with adapting react for their applications.

well that’s it. Lets install all the things that we need to install for react-native development. Trust me if you don’t follow the steps correct this is going to be a pain in the ass for sure. You will see error messages that are out of this world and you will be pulling your hair for this( yes happened to me:p and bit exaggerating 😂)
I will write both iOS and Android installation parts. So if you don’t want want iOS and Android. simply go to relevant section that you want.

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Written By : Charith Wickramasinghe, Trainee Software Engineer, 99X Technology