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Building mobile application with React Native

First of all I will explain my intentions of writing this article. This will be series of articles about “building mobile application with react native” I won’t be talking much about why react-native is good and all. My main focus… Continue Reading →

Localizing your Windows Phone App

Hey folks, We are going to localize your app. That’s right. Localizing makes your great app even better. Make it more user friendly, enabled with multiple languages. Which will make your app reach out to wider range of users. Apart… Continue Reading →

Mobile Enablement – Article Series

Playing as an engineer in hybrid mobile arena to build world winning products for around one and a half years, thought this is the time to revise my experience. Winning product paradigm and how hybrid mobile arena helps you to… Continue Reading →

Glance at the future – Mobile Enablement [9]

Bringing your business to mobile domain enables you to reach the widest target audience in a fastest possible way. From the beginning of 21st century many businesses started moving into mobile arena to increase their revenue and user base. However, the challenge is… Continue Reading →

Rapid Hybrid Mobile Development with Ionic Framework | Ionic – Mobile Enablement [8]

Bridging the gap between HTML5 and Native Mobile App development, we still find gaps in the process of making our life easier. As an example for desktop applications and web development, .NET acts as an complete Eco-system. How dreamy would it… Continue Reading →

Building up a super-fast hybrid mobile app with jQuery Mobile – Mobile Enablement [7]

To get started with Hybrid Mobile Development we are using Apache Cordova as the platform. The next step is to choose the mobile UI framework. In this post, I’m using jQuery Mobile. You would wonder why to select jQuery Mobile… Continue Reading →

Getting started with Mobile UI Framework – Mobile Enablement [6]

Previously we understood that mobile enablement is not just porting an application into a mobile device. The scope is beyond that. In this article we will focus what’s more to mobile enablement just porting your webapp into mobile. In mobile… Continue Reading →

Mobile Enablement is Simple, but not that so Easy – Mobile Enablement [5]

  Previously Ion Global recruiting firm, moved their web application into mobile by directly porting their web app to Android, iOS and Windows using Apache Cordova. Initially many people downloaded the app, but within 2-3 months, it failed. No more… Continue Reading →

Going mobile the easy way – Mobile Enablement [4]

Regardless of being crafted for the betterment of technology, any tool can be used in a way it doesn’t serve the purpose. Ultimately, it comes down to the understanding of the person who uses the tool. Let me tell you of a… Continue Reading →

Getting started with Hybrid Platform – Mobile Enablement [3]

Hybrid Mobile Development to craft winning products. By now you should have a sound idea on why we focus on Hybrid Mobile to reach our target audience. Hence, the WHY part is done. Next is the HOW part. How do… Continue Reading →

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