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Unveiling the Dilemma of Blockchain

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well.” This is evident and seems to be the case more often with Blockchain technology. Everybody talks about it. Everybody wants to know more about it…. Continue Reading →

Be aware of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks

Have you ever wondered how secure or how vulnerable your website is? If you are a JavaScript developer, you might know the power of JavaScript as a client side scripting language. Does it occurred to you that java script can… Continue Reading →

Two Tips to Manage Attention for the Success of a Web Page.

Imagine the last time you visited a web page from the results of a google search and you immediately chose another web page from the search result because the former was complex enough to be understood? Was it because you… Continue Reading →

A Deep Dive in to Tracking Branches in Git

Tracking branches (aka Upstream Branches) in Git is usually something that slips under our radar when we are using Git in our projects. But it’s really useful and it’s there in plain sight even if we don’t notice it. If… Continue Reading →

Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is the most simplest design pattern in gang of four. It’s main functionality is such that it restricts the initiation of a class to one object. Now why would we need only one object of a class all… Continue Reading →

Unit Tests With Telerik

Thinking about automating functional tests (UI) for the web application that I work with, and with the idea to make it an “End-to-End” solution where tests are written and pushed to the test runner, then picked up and run against SUT automatically,… Continue Reading →

Building Apps with Aurelia: #6

Separating Views and ViewModels into Different Directories & Override View Resolution Hey Guys? Back with a quick one.. In the last post we talked about how to use the compose element to implement MVVM in our Aurelia application. If you… Continue Reading →

Innovating Through Open Source

The software engineering landscape evolves rapidly by disrupting its own technologies with new innovations. In recent time, the hype has been around ‘Containers’, ‘Microservices’ and ‘DevOps’. As portability, componentization and automation have so much potential, people have embraced these technologies…. Continue Reading →

Torture the data, and it will confess to anything – Conceptual Business Intelligence Solution for Startups

Imagine you are an entrepreneur and you have a startup. You just created the first MVP (minimum viable product) of your app based on your initial idea. Next you need to evaluate whether your MVP fits for its target audience…. Continue Reading →

Custom Value Converters in XAML

This one is about custom value converters for XAML in Window Phone, Windows Store apps or anywhere XAML is used. So now you might ask, Dude why the hell we need value converters since XAML has many and got our… Continue Reading →

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