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Watch Over Your AWS Castle

In AWS cloud, spinning up servers, databases, load balancers and the rest of 100+ services can be done in a matter of minutes. It has never been easier to design powerful cloud architectures with seamless integration of many services. While… Continue Reading →


Some say that you do not need comments and your code need not be readable if you are a professional. To be more specific, the Facebook post by my employer, 99X Technology and the subsequent discussions in the comments section… Continue Reading →

Building mobile application with React Native

First of all I will explain my intentions of writing this article. This will be series of articles about “building mobile application with react native” I won’t be talking much about why react-native is good and all. My main focus… Continue Reading →

Creating RESTful Web Services using Node.js

Before diving in to implementing part  first lets talk about the topic of this post,  what is a RESTful web service? I will give  a simple explanation on what is a web service and what is a RESTful web service. Please… Continue Reading →

Developer’s day for a Product designer

Many years ago before I landed myself in a dream job at 99X technologies as a product designer, I was a front-end developer working basically on web-based corporate level applications. I was quite familiar with current trending front-end development technologies… Continue Reading →

Natural Odor of a Developer — Part II

It’s time to know how YOU become the subject of code smell. If you do not know what code smells are please refer the article “Natural Odor of a Developer — Part I” When and Why Codes Smell? File creation… Continue Reading →

GitFlow: A Better Branching Strategy for Your Projects – #1 Introduction to the Branching Model

Hey folks 🙂 Let’s talk about GitFlow today. Before you as what the hell is GitFlow? Let me explain 😛 GitFlow is branching model for Git that was introduced by Vincent Driessen on a blog post back in 2010 which… Continue Reading →

Natural Odor of a Developer — Part I

Code smell reflects poor programming aesthetics which cannot be sniffed via testing techniques or coding metrics. This reflects a bigger problem on the surface level which is necessarily not a software bug. Code smell arises due to anti-design patterns or… Continue Reading →

Continuous Delivery Right from Visual Studio: Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline using Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio with Visual Studio 2017

Continuous Delivery is an essential part of modern software development and it is a must have, to deliver your software faster and more effectively to your clients. I remember just a few months’ back I got the opportunity to create… Continue Reading →

Angular Trailer

I’ve fallen in love with Angular. I’ve just thought of sharing the feeling with you guys. Just Enjoy… ❤ It’s been 5–6 months since Angular released its stable version 2.0.0. Today, the stable version 4.0.0 has been released. Unlike the… Continue Reading →

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