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Building mobile application with React Native

First of all I will explain my intentions of writing this article. This will be series of articles about “building mobile application with react native” I won’t be talking much about why react-native is good and all. My main focus… Continue Reading →

Creating RESTful Web Services using Node.js

Before diving in to implementing part  first lets talk about the topic of this post,  what is a RESTful web service? I will give  a simple explanation on what is a web service and what is a RESTful web service. Please… Continue Reading →

Developer’s day for a Product designer

Many years ago before I landed myself in a dream job at 99X technologies as a product designer, I was a front-end developer working basically on web-based corporate level applications. I was quite familiar with current trending front-end development technologies… Continue Reading →

Natural Odor of a Developer — Part II

It’s time to know how YOU become the subject of code smell. If you do not know what code smells are please refer the article “Natural Odor of a Developer — Part I” When and Why Codes Smell? File creation… Continue Reading →

GitFlow: A Better Branching Strategy for Your Projects – #1 Introduction to the Branching Model

Hey folks 🙂 Let’s talk about GitFlow today. Before you as what the hell is GitFlow? Let me explain 😛 GitFlow is branching model for Git that was introduced by Vincent Driessen on a blog post back in 2010 which… Continue Reading →

Natural Odor of a Developer — Part I

Code smell reflects poor programming aesthetics which cannot be sniffed via testing techniques or coding metrics. This reflects a bigger problem on the surface level which is necessarily not a software bug. Code smell arises due to anti-design patterns or… Continue Reading →

Continuous Delivery Right from Visual Studio: Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline using Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio with Visual Studio 2017

Continuous Delivery is an essential part of modern software development and it is a must have, to deliver your software faster and more effectively to your clients. I remember just a few months’ back I got the opportunity to create… Continue Reading →

Angular Trailer

I’ve fallen in love with Angular. I’ve just thought of sharing the feeling with you guys. Just Enjoy… ❤ It’s been 5–6 months since Angular released its stable version 2.0.0. Today, the stable version 4.0.0 has been released. Unlike the… Continue Reading →

Web Accessibility Standards – What, Why and How to Test?

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is an initiative by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The main responsibility of the WAI is to work with the global software community to develop and publish guidelines on web accessibility. In 1999 WAI published the… Continue Reading →

Two Tips to Manage Attention for the Success of a Web Page.

Imagine the last time you visited a web page from the results of a google search and you immediately chose another web page from the search result because the former was complex enough to be understood? Was it because you… Continue Reading →

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