Imagine the last time you visited a web page from the results of a google search and you immediately chose another web page from the search result because the former was complex enough to be understood? Was it because you were too busy in trying to find where you want to click? May be. The truth is that everyone wants to get things done quickly. It is a designer’s responsibility to ensure that you are directed to the correct path quickly without a hassle.

When we visit a web page our only intention is to find answers for “What is this? Why should I care and How do I use it?” When a page fails to answer these questions quickly visitors perceive it as complex and tend to leave the page.

According to Jakob Nielsen, the first 10–20 seconds of a page visit is critical for users’ decision to stay or leave a website. A good web page should be able to communicate with visitors in this time span quickly. This is where the importance of the attention comes to play.

There are two points to consider when designing your landing page to manage users attention in this 20 seconds to achieve your business goals.

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Written By : Shani Prathiba, UX Engineer, 99X Technology.