The first-ever Engineering Drive Hackathon at 99X Technology kicked off first thing in the morning on 22 August, at 9 a.m. and wrapped at noon on the following day. It was organized with the objective of giving project team members the opportunity to boost the SPEC-M2 disciplines for their projects while having a great deal of fun with their colleagues. Six engineering disciplines were considered during the hackathon and experts from each area were assigned to help the project teams achieve their goals during the hackathon. The following disciplines were those considered: Code quality Test Automation Continuous Integration, Unit Test and Build Automation User Behaviour Security Testing Performance Testing

Nine projects were selected from the company and were allowed to choose their prefered areas to implement during the hackathon. Experts from each area had discussions with the project teams prior to the hackathon to gather all their requirements, and thanks to this, on the day of the hackathon, everything went smoothly as project teams didn’t have to idle due to lack of resources. It helped them get the maximum out of the hackathon. Usually, project teams work isolated from other projects but during the hackathon, each team worked with members from other teams as well, helping each other reach their expectations. This also assisted the teams in building up a good understanding among colleagues and acquire knowledge on different projects and their technologies. It was an eventful 27 hours, with many entertainment activities such as music, video games, carrom, movies and several fun activities from time to time by the Xians themselves – it relaxed the participants and helped them work enthusiastically throughout the hackathon. Delicious food, beverages and snacks were provided throughout as well.

The organizing team was led by Hasith Yaggahavita, Frank Warnakula and Shenika Herath, who were ably assisted by the 2014-2015 batch of interns in making the first-ever hackathon a success. The set of experts in each engineering area especially deserve praise for their commitment and hard work in transferring their knowledge to team members, not only on the day of the hackathon but also during the pre-hackathon activities. By the end of the hackathon, all the participating projects were able to successfully implement the engineering disciplines as expected, in addition to more engineering disciplines that they may also need in projects, while having a ton of fun with their colleagues!