Key aspect of software product engineering is to deliver a product that matches end user’s requirements. Not only we implement all the functionality our customers asks for, in most cases, with the experience we have, we even add more which might enhance the product quality. But do we actually deliver the product which our customer’s end users (Who actually are “THE real users” of the product) have in their mind? The simple, easy to use, user friendly product?

You might say yes, but you better be sure right???

An User eXperience (UX) session was organized on 8th of May 2013 by the UX team of 99X Technology  on how to identify what the user really desires as the final product. It was a very interesting couple of hours which discussed how to ensure pleasurable end user experience in software products. Everyone who attended the session seemed to learn a lot on the topic. All the doubts they had were answered by the members of the UX team. In case you missed the session, or you want to revise what you copied to your brain that day, this is what was high lighted during the session.

  • The developer is not the end user nor ISV or the Enterprise

  •  So ask the user what they want, and refine the product features to support those needs, even though you think it is not necessary. 
  • Always remember that it’s not you that who is gonna be using the product after you deliver it.

Well, these are the basics of the topics that were discussed during the last session. It was the second session of this series. So if you are interested, don’t miss the next session. Take the opportunity to learn how to apply these learnings to your projects and be a developer who develops a product with the end users in mind.