Learning to speak a new language is an unthinkable task for most people, but it was a task to be undertaken for one individual. Being a Tamil he had little knowledge of the Sinhala language (This is the most commonly spoken native language in Sri-Lanka). He, however decided that it was to his benefit to learn Sinhala and even though it was tough, he learnt the language and today he can speak Sinhala as fluently as a Sinhalese and is better off than his colleagues too.

Life is all about challenges and attempts to overcome these challenges. Every single attempt, regardless of it being a success or a failure, is backed by some kind of internal or external force. In order to succeed in an attempt, this ‘force’ or the forces behind should essentially be strong enough to keep us focused as well as committed.

The dire need to succeed in something and the enthusiasm in being part of something ‘big’ is always a motivation. We came across an individual who had to change a speech that he had been preparing for three weeks just three days before the actual event. It was a huge challenge but this individual had the ‘can do attitude’ and the WILL, he stood up to the challenge with much effort and came up with a speech that was critically acclaimed by everyone.

Sometimes, everything in life goes smoothly and exactly in the way you want it until something totally unexpected happens. These are the times where the true strength and potential of one can be seen. In the light of the above statement three other individuals shared some experiences regarding studies. In these stories it was identified that even though things took a turn for the worst, with self-motivation and a proper plan these individuals got back on track and SOMEHOW achieved their desired goals.

These are just only a few examples of success stories, there would be much more success stories to tell if every person would give their 100% effort for even the most seemly mundane things in life,because the sky is the limit to those who give it their best. People might look up to the world famous high achievers and say “they are so special but not everyone is like that” but the truth is that every human being is capable of flying high. It’s only a matter of having the balance between emotions, understanding, strengths and motivational factors.