On 31st March 2014, I was invited to conduct a experience sharing session at The Apprentice program organized by Chathu Vishvajith and Pasindu De Silva from DevOps Team at NSBM.

Follows my experience and leaning points I had at my 8 month internship at 99X Technology.

Before I shared my experience, I highlighted what the internship is? At Interns Summit 2012 Panel Discussion, Dr. Chandana Gamage from University of Moratuwa told that internship is like feeling the depth of river with one feet on the shore. I only understood what internship is through those words. The IT industry is like a deep river. For people like fresh graduates or undergraduates, it is hard to get a complete picture of this industry. If you directly jump and try to experience how deep or wide it is, you may get yourselves drawn.But with internship, you can smoothly get into the IT industry without much pressureMy friend Shafraz Rahim already gave an idea before my speech on how students should get ready for the internship. So I’d like to share my internship experience. And through that what I learnt and how I used those learnings for the success of my career.

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Written by: Rashmika Nawaratne, Senior Software Engineer, 99X Technology.