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Be Sincere, Be Brief, Be Seated : 15 Public Speaking Tips I Learnt Over The Years

The first time I remember talking to a crowd was when I was 14 and a coward. I was basically like the last resort if either anyone backed out or if the usual outspoken students had exhausted their chances of… Continue Reading →

Experiencing Customer Projects

Theories… Theories… Theories… This is what always surrounds us in the university academic life. The chances to apply them in practice were insignificant. Having a great exposure to the industry and experiencing an ongoing software development process has been my… Continue Reading →

Choices : Bad vs. Bad

Life is all about choices. From the day you born, or even before that, you are being put into situations where you had to make choices. Some simple and some tough. Whether to cry or not to cry, cry slowly… Continue Reading →

The Apprentice – Internship and post internship experience

On 31st March 2014, I was invited to conduct a experience sharing session at The Apprentice program organized by Chathu Vishvajith and Pasindu De Silva from DevOps Team at NSBM. Follows my experience and leaning points I had at my… Continue Reading →

World Export Development Forum 2016

The 16th edition of the World Export Development Forum (WEDF) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 12th to 13th October 2016 at the BMICH, helps businesses to navigate the new trade and development landscape. WEDF is a unique global conference and… Continue Reading →

Helping people realize their potential: Mentoring & Coaching

You may be a school student, undergraduate, employee or a parent. In your lifespan, you would have helped at least one person develop himself. Remind yourself of such a moment. When your friend, junior or even an older person comes to you asking… Continue Reading →

The list of dos and don’ts when preparing your resume

During the past couple of years, many times I have been asked this by my colleagues in the HR department: “Could you please shortlist these resumes for interviews?”. The answer was almost always yes. As a result, I have gone… Continue Reading →

99X Technology awarded at Best Corporate Citizen Awards 2015

Receives Merit Award from CCC for Best Sustainability Project 2015 We received our first acknowledgement for our efforts in corporate sustainability when we received the Merit award for the Best Sustainability Project 2015 for the education outreach program ‘Dotitude’, at… Continue Reading →

Final year 101 : Retrospective and Lessons Learned

I started college with mixed feelings and zero confidence in me as I thought I would fail in the path I have chosen. I joined Uni knowing not one thing about Java or C#. But still I had worldly dreams… Continue Reading →

How to face software engineering internship interviews ?

I’ve got the opportunity to do a few interviews and mock interviews for interns trying to get into the IT industry as trainees. What I’ve noticed is that candidates are extremely skillful, have good academic track records and some are… Continue Reading →

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