Life is all about choices. From the day you born, or even before that, you are being put into situations where you had to make choices. Some simple and some tough. Whether to cry or not to cry, cry slowly or cry louder, be with your friends and party, stay in your bed and dive into books, select arts to study for higher studies, or biology, find the true love for your life, do further studies or job…

It’s all choices you have to make.

Choices between right and wrong have been around since Adam and Eve (if you believe), or the beginning of human race. By different cultures and religions ethical standards have made for human to decide between right and wrong. However, though ethical standards are straightforward it’s not always easy to choose a hard right one over an easy wrong one. Good thing: though you choose wrong over right, you can judge by your conscious whether your decision is right or wrong.

Let’s say you are a train driver. You are driving the train and it’s on full speed. There’s a junction that divides the route into two. In one path there is a one year old girl with a cute pink dress and in the other there are four ladies about 80 years old whom cannot walk, and one is your grandmother.

Since the high speed you cannot stop. Only option to go in either one of the routes. What choice do you make? Take the train over the one year old kid or take it over four old ladies, where they’ll die.

Above, of course is a hypothetical scenario, but in life you do come across such choices. Hold your work for a moment and think……

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Written by: Rashmika Nawaratne, Senior Software Engineer, 99X Technology.