Today, I was seated at an event organized for women, celebrating International Women’s Day. Seeing the crowd of gorgeous ladies in high heels, confident and passionate, made me proud, for I am sure they would have encountered and still encounter many a challenge in their professional careers

It is amazing to see how the role of women has changed over time and the new enthusiasm to move up the career ladder, despite the challenges faced by women in our society. On a more specific note, I personally have seen many of my friends (girls) fighting hard battles on several fronts to pursue their personal dreams and a successful career.

Unfortunately I have also seen some falling behind during this heavy battle.. may be it is high time we ladies get together and have a good conversation about conquering the challenges we face. This I believe would help to face the biggest barrier of our time, which is maintaining a balance between a dream career and a life meant for women.

Workplace: Humans are born multi-taskers, and maybe women are better at it 😉 Just recall how our mothers used to run our homes cheerfully while still fighting multiple battles. We ladies can surely do the same at our offices, just that we need to be given more opportunities, and combined with the courage and confidence of the new world, we can surely do wonders at our workplaces. Needless to say it is a win-win for the organization that the diverse set of thinking and abilities of women can create synergy in teams at any type of work. Now that many women take up in jobs and contribute, the organizations should initiate best practices to discourage workplace discrimination on gender.

Family: The more the females are educated and engaged with society, the more they can add value to their families in comparison to the traditional role of housewife. The knowledge we gain can be used to educate children, understand the needs of the family members better… also rather than letting the whole family depend on a primary breadwinner in Sri Lankan context, we can take a step up to support families for economic stability in families.

This post is dedicated to all the lovely ladies I know. 

Written by Shenika Herath