The future of Mobile is no longer complicated or undecided. For many years it has occupied a blend of cutting edge technologies and various concepts thus introducing many interesting Mobile trends.
This was the main concern which initiated the “Future Trends” Mobile Workshop. The workshop was held at University of Moratuwa, with the presence of undergraduates from Faculty of Information technology.It was nice to witness a large number of enthusiastic undergraduates with keen interest in Mobile development.
“A Mobile Story, Beyond Tomorrow” was the initial session which kindled the interest in Mobile Trends. The main objective of this session was to provide an insight to upcoming trends in Mobile. Being a rapidly evolving field, there are numerous prospective concepts, technologies and applications in Mobile development. Wearable devices, Internet of Things, Hybrid Technologies and Enterprise Mobility were some of the interesting concepts which got covered in this session.
As it was mentioned before, Hybrid Technologies in Mobile has a promising future when concerning mobile development. Next Session covered the basics of different Hybrid Architectures, concepts and theories providing detailed descriptions of “Hybrid Application Development”. It certainly set the pace for the Hands on Session which was focused on development using PhoneGap.

Students were keen on following this practical session and it was nice to see them laying hands on their first hybrid application.After these technical sessions it was time to wind up the workshop in an inspiring note. Anyone can be a good Software Engineer, but being a “better” software engineer requires many things.
The concluding session, “Riding Waves” was able to illustrate the big picture of being a successful software engineer. Many industry practices and guidelines were discussed during this session giving valuable advice for young undergraduates to build themselves to face challenges as better software engineers.