99X Technology came up with an innovative way to engage its employees in one of its CSR projects, the Small School Development. It was in the form of a competition where there were 4 teams, each with a captain assigned. Each of the 4 teams were given a time to visit the Sunethra Mahadevi Maha Vidyalaya and find out areas that they could improve the appearance of. The object of this project was to make the school look better.

The 4 teams were Pirates, Minions, Ai Awulda and Okkoma Hari, and the proposals they came up with were:

1) Clear the volleyball playing area and put up a new net whilst giving the kids 2 volleyballs.

2) Clean, rearrange and repair the Principal’s office and rearrange the Assembly area

3) Clean and repair the juniors playing area and their classrooms

4) Improve the quality of the library and make it more appealing to the students

Each of the teams were asked to be creative in whatever they undertook and to be cost effective as well. Two judges were allocated for this event, and they were Prasanna Perera (The school’s PPA President) and Geetha Sekaram (Mano’s wife). The criteria for judging were
– Creativity
– Cost effectiveness
– Value addition to the school
– Completion of the tasks

It was amazing to see the turnout of Xians, sacrificing their Saturday morning and coming over to lend a helping hand. Some of the tasks involved with making the school look better and entailed intense physical activity. This resulted in quite a few hands getting callused and people becoming very tired due to the blazing sun. We were of course very thankful that the weather kept sunny right until the last of activities were completed.

At the end of a tiring but very fruitful and rewarding day, the judges picked the winning team, which was ‘Minions’. Albeit, all of the teams did a really good job of transforming the areas they undertook and the Principal of the School, Emil Ranjith and PPA President Prasanna Perera were very grateful for all the hard work that was put in! All in all I think it was quite a successful event – hot sun, tired bones, cuts/bruises and all!

Written by : Needra Silva