I’ve got the opportunity to do a few interviews and mock interviews for interns trying to get into the IT industry as trainees. What I’ve noticed is that candidates are extremely skillful, have good academic track records and some are very good at problem solving. However, what I didn’t see was the preparation to face the interview. When the most common questions were asked, I saw the lack of ability to tackle those questions mainly due to the absence of preparation. So, I thought of writing a few tips on how to tackle an internship interview.

How do you face it better?

First things first: You should prepare a small ‘about yourself’ description to introduce yourself to the interviewer because the first question would almost always be something like “Can you first tell us about yourself”. This is something everyone easily messes up because it’s so obvious!

Stick to the script: When you introduce yourself to the interviewers, make sure you keep it short and sweet. It should be relevant to the internship. For example, after stating your basic information (name, age, where you live), go with your overall academic records, projects you have done, any important contributions you have made to the IT community (such as open-source contributions, tech publications), any interesting hobbies and a bit about why you selected this field. You might not want to share your pet’s name, what your parents are doing for a living, etc.

Bring a copy of your CV: This is important and is something expected from an interviewee …

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Written By :  Salim Malik