99X Technology takes pride in its successful relationships with universities. With that in mind, 99XT welcomed a batch of final year students from the University of Jaffna on 4th of July, 2013. This visit was organized by SLASSCOM.

Though there have been previous visits from UOJ at 99X Technology, this session was considered to be the most remarkable session conducted for the students from UOJ. First up on the agenda was an introduction to the company by Vinitha Thadani who gave an insight to 99X Technology and how things work here. Samudra Kanankearachchi followed next with a presentation on the topic “What the industry expects from interns”. The presentation was an eye opener to many students and hence there were a plenty of questions raised by the visiting students. The Xians gave thought provoking responses to the queries raised by the Students on gaining a place in the modern day IT industry in Sri Lanka.
Apart from the main agenda, students also engaged with the X’ians a lot. Ms. Janani, a student from UOJ, entertained the audience with a song during the round Robin session. A group activity called “Tic Tac Toe”, was also conducted for the students. It was not just a fun session as the name suggests, but also an educational and personality awareness activity. Wrapping up the session was Lukshica Dhayaparan who delivered a motivational speech regarding her experience at 99XT. All students were handed 99XT gift packs. The session was another resounding success and it was enjoyed by all, including the students from UOJ.