“A lovely Family Reunited”

Internship at 99X Technology is always a special and a very interesting experience which gives a lot of memories to cherish through out. Interns’ Reunion was all about bringing back memories and linking up with friends. 
With the guidance from Frank and Anura current interns organized a reunion for all the past interns. It was a fun filled event where the presence of  past interns lit up the whole evening. The CEO, Mano and the management team were also present at the event extending their support and encouragement to conduct the event successfully.

Everyone seemed excited meeting old colleagues and sharing their experiences about the internship. For freshers it was a great motivating factor to listen to their inspiring advices. Among all these there were some time allocated to have fun activities and games where teams got together and solved, “Wuzzles” The music and songs by past interns kept the party spirits high in this memorable evening.

Internship is nothing without the beloved mentors. As they were the driving force behind the successful internship of everyone, they were rewarded with souvenirs to appreciate their hard work and dedication.
The event concluded with a BBQ Dinner and everyone enjoyed the scrumptious meal while having a nice bonding time with their good old friends…

And, it was indeed a “Lovely Family Reunion”