It is a great opportunity if you get the chance to work on what you love. User Experience Design is one of things I love to do and the internship offer that I received at 99X Technology as a User Experience Design Engineer has been a really great opportunity. As a student at the National School of Business Management, I was able to explore UX concepts such as interaction design and lean concepts while doing my studies. This experience led me to discover the world of UX.

Life here at 99X Technology gets better every day and is full of excitement. Everyone helps you whenever you want. You always feel special when you work here as an intern and I was lucky to get customer exposure right from the beginning. It is a rare chance that interns get during their internship period and I have been privileged to have that.

I have worked on three projects so far and what I have understood is that being accountable for your work will enables success every time. It is always a challenge when you work with the customer directly. Every day, the challenges you face are different. Building up good user experience is not an easy task. You constantly have to identify the user’s needs and represent it in a very usable manner.

The interesting part of this internship is that we are always allowed to do extracurricular activities in addition to core work. We get to experience sports events, hackathons and different initiatives such as ‘Geek Masters’. The Geek Masters program has enabled me to harness my communication skills. It is open to any person here at 99XT. If you ever hear of this program, I really recommend you to join it. You will definitely have a wonderful and very useful time with the Geek Masters program.

I was also able to participate in the Mobile Enablement Hackathon. There, we had to come up with a market winning idea. The best part is that my team won it and it was an unforgettable day which will stay forever in my memories. You’ll always have the best memories at 99X Technology.

We call ourselves ‘Xians’. The word alone is enough to build up a long lasting bond. Thanks to the flat organisational culture here, we never feel that we are different, even when you work with management or project leads. I have worked with many project leads and they have never let me feel even once that I’m not part of their Xian family. I would say that this internship program is the best place to start your career. It will lead you to the success that you will seek throughout your life. And I think this internship is the best thing that ever happened to me.

By Janindu Ranawake