What the heck is this internship and what should I expect from this internship? First two questions came to my mind when got to know, I had to work in the industry in my 3rd year. After little bit of thinking the following came to my mind;

Technical Exposure – Get exposure to as many as new technologies.
Networking – Get to know as many high profiles in the industry so that it would help my future career.
Application of theory – Apply the theoretical knowledge I gained in past 3 years into practice.
Familiar with the process – Get familiar to the processes and organizational structure on industry.
Was I correct? Did I get all the things I wanted from this internship thing?
On 14th Monday, May of 2012, I started my career as a Trainee Software Engineer at 99X Technology. On the first day I was warmly welcomed and introduced to the entire company by taking us to each and every employee in the company…
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Written By Rashmika Nawaratne