The Uni-relations Team from 99X Technology conducted a two day “Life Skills Development” workshop at the University of Jaffna on the 23rd and 24th of August. A team of 15 members and the CEO and co-founder of 99X Technology, Mano Sekaram, was also present at this workshop.

The first day of the workshop included an introductory session where Mano delivered an inspirational speech to the students of UOJ about what the Industry is really looking for. His speech inspired many students and gave them hope that there is a world existing beyond the outskirts of Jaffna and that they can also be the future that Sri Lanka is looking for. Mano also mentioned in his speech that Jaffna will become the next Silicon Valley in time to come.

Past student of UOJ and also current Intern at 99X Technology, Luckshika Dhayaparan, delivered a speech to her juniors about how she reached to this day and how her attitude brought her into the current Industry.

At the end of the session, a friendly cricket match between the 99XT team and the students of UOJ took place and the 99XT team emerged victorious.

The second day consisted of a full day workshop. The session started off with an Introduction to 99XT Technology and its culture and its stance in the subject of University Relationships by Kripa Jayakumar. The session was preceded by Shenika Herath who conducted a Team building activity among the students which explained to the students about the importance of having a strong architecture in order to be able to build a stable and successful product that would go into the market.

The session was then followed by Hasith Yaggahawita who conducted a session about the different kinds of opportunities that lay ahead in the industry for students doing engineering to pursue after their university lives.

An informative and interesting session on Agile was also conducted by Shehani and Buddhi where they explained about the Agile process and how it is valuable compared to the previous techniques already available. An Agile activity including all the students also took place.

Another speech followed explaining the importance of having a clear goal for students and how to stead clear towards being an engineer. “How to think like an Engineer” was the title of the speech and it was delivered by Dileepa Jayathillake.

Dr. Mahesan from the University of Jaffna gave a small speech thanking the 99XT team for having come to Jaffna and conducted a helpful session for the students.

The session wrapped up with a group song performed by everyone lead by two students from the University.