17th of April 2013, a pretty normal Morning for most of the people in the city of Colombo. But not for all the family members of 99X technology.. Xians were running here and there carrying baskets filled with Sri Lankan food.

Sports Committee members of 99X Technology were busy in the dining area decorating and arranging food items. Everyone else was waiting for something special. Finally we were invited to the dining area around 12.30 pm. The moment all the Xians were waiting for on that day. The dining area was nicely decorated and among everything else, most noticeable part was the dining table. It was filled with glorious food like…. Rice and a huge number of yummy looking curries…..  and Kaum, kokis, Aasmi woooooooooahh.. Hold it on.. You already know what this post is gonna be about right???
It’s about the NEW YEAR LUNCH @ 99XTexhnology
Just like all the other celebrations, parties, etc etc organized by the Sports Committee,  the NEW YEAR LUNCH was a total hit. As the event started the traditional lamp was lit by some fellow Xians including Mano Sekaram (CEO) representing different groups @ 99X. 
Mano Sekaram delivered a short but very valuable speech to all the Xians. Uchitha and Dinesh who are former members of 99X were introduced to new Xians. It was indeed a nice moment to celebrate special events together with new and former employees while appreciating their dedication towards 99x.  After that, everyone joined together to enjoy the nice NEW YEAR meal which was filled with all the yummy food items and all sorts of traditional sweets. It was a memorable lunch for all of the family members of 99XTechnology.