2,600 years ago, Sri Lanka was gifted the sacred religion Buddhisum on a Poson Poya day so it is a most important holy day for all Sri Lankan Buddhists. The Xians also celebrated Poson by hosting a Poson day programme at the Walukarama Temple.  
The programme comprised of many events such as Dhamma sermons, an almsgiving, a Bodhi pooja, Pahan pooja and Bakthi Gee, and this all commenced at six in the morning with the observing of sil.
The Heel Danaya(Breakfast), Dawal Danaya(Lunch) and Gilanpasa(tea) were also arranged and served by the Xians to all the people who observed sil and as well as to the monks in the temple.  In the evening, hundreds of purple and white lotuses coupled with sticks of incense added colour and fragrance not only to the Bodhi Pooja but also to everyone’s hearts and minds.
The temple premises were illuminated by dozens of oil lamps from our Pahan Pooja and the whole street was also brightened up by the decorations. To conclude the day, the Xians participated in Poson Bakthi Gee, and all the musicians and singers put on a splendid show again.
It was incredibly uplifting to see how the Xians put in their best efforts to make this event a success, not only on the Poya day itself, but for several weeks prior to it to organize everything. Many were present early in the morning until late night and made sure everything took place perfectly.
Thanks should go to our CEO, Mano who was present all day, participated and helped with all the activities,and gave most valuable support towards organizing the event. A special mention must go out to Xian Darshatha Wijayasingha who took the initiative in planning this first class programme. The event proved again that Xians are not just individuals but are one loving family.