The first time I remember talking to a crowd was when I was 14 and a coward. I was basically like the last resort if either anyone backed out or if the usual outspoken students had exhausted their chances of speaking at the school assembly. One day I reluctantly got asked to speak. I would have easily declined, had I learnt the art of saying “no”. But even if I did, I would have never declined. I badly wanted that opportunity.

To the outside world I didn’t want to appear too excited about being asked to make a speech, because people do it everyday. But to me it meant the whole world. I wrote and rewrote the script for days and practiced the speech day and night. But despite all that, I had nightmares and honestly thought that I’d make a fool out of myself on stage.

I don’t know if it was luck, but I managed to pull off a decent show that day. Students commended me about my speech and teachers confessed to me that they didn’t expect the silent mouse to deliver a confident speech. It was a whole new experience and ….

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Written by: Kripa Jayakumar, Software Engineer, 99X Technology.