During the past couple of years, many times I have been asked this by my colleagues in the HR department: “Could you please shortlist these resumes for interviews?”. The answer was almost always yes. As a result, I have gone through a large number of resumes to check whether these people are suitable for an interview.
While scanning these resumes, I’ve found many reasons to reject these, leaving aside the technical incompetencies of the candidates. Then suddenly one day I said to myself, “Why don’t you write simple blog post about this?”. So here, I’m trying to put up a list of reasons your resume might get rejected and how to minimize the chances of this happening. When you read this, you will realize how trivial some mistakes are but they could surely cost you your chance of landing your dream job.

Typos in the resume


Well I hate typos because it shows how inconsiderate you are. Keep in mind your resume is the first contact point with your potential employer – so why don’t you spend a few extra minutes to verify your typos? Also, ┬áif you can’t type something correctly in MS Word, how can I expect you to write a maintainable piece of code in C# with Visual Studio?

I have seen many typos in the section headings in resumes which usually goes in CAPS. You should be careful, especially when typing in CAPS because in some cases, MS Word may ignore your typos in CAPS.

Cover letter

It’s always good to accompany your resume with a cover letter because it gives a personal touch and in my opinion, a well written cover letter could avoid your resume getting rejected at a first glance (because you have already made a positive contact with your cover letter). If you can’t write it, get someone else to write it, it’s worth the try.

Make it a PDF

At the time you create the resume with MS Word it may look stunning with all the colors and perfect alignments, but when I open it in my machine I can hardly read a thing in that file and alignments more often than not go AWOL. So make it a PDF. There are plenty of online tools which you can use freely, just do a Google search…

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Written by : Geethanga Amarasinghe, Tech Lead, 99X Technology