99X Technology has built up and maintains good relationships with most of the universities all across the country. In testament to this, a team of ICT students from the Vavuniya Campus, affiliated with the University of Jaffna, visited our Colombo office on 4 July – their first industry visit to 99X Technology.
Before commencing the technical sessions, the team was taken to our recreation areas to unwind over some indoor games with the Xians, which helped them feel far more comfortable once the sessions started and allowed them to express themselves freely as well.
The session kicked off with an ice breaker by Kripa, followed by an introduction about the company. Kalana then stepped to deliver a very informative session titled ‘Little Big Thing’, which summed up pretty much everything the students already knew and need to know about the era of information technology.

Next up was Suren who spoke about ‘What the industry expects from uni students’, delivered in his own signature style. Both presentations proved to be very useful for the students’ future career plans.
As always, the team building session was really interesting, during which the students were able to engage with the Xians as well. Finally, the students were taken around the office to view our project teams at work and speak to some of the leads and developers as well. This was a great opportunity for them to get first-hand knowledge about industry projects, both the domain background and technical background. The undergrads raised many questions and had those all clarified.
This session, as the first but definitely not the last, was a great milestone for both 99X Technology and the Vavuniya Campus.

Written by Lukshica Dhayaparan