The “Vesangaka Asiriya” program and the Poson day program was held on the 5th of June and 23rd of June respectively.

The “Vesangaka Asiriya” program started off with Hasanga welcoming all present and this was followed by a spectacular performance of “Vesak Bathi Gee” by our very own X’ians. The singers were accompanied with a range of instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, thabbla and thalampata.

Prizes were also awarded for the best decorated floor and the ground floor and 5th floor shared the first place.

The event ended with a “Vesak Dansala” and this was enjoyed by all.

The Poson day program was next up on the list. The Poson week started off with the cleaning and painting of the Stupa and the cleaning of the Walukarama temple. This temple is one of the oldest temple’s in Colombo and 99XT is very much attached to this shrine. Hence, tasks such as fixing electrical equipment and decorating the street and the temple surroundings was embraced with vigor by the X’ians.

Thus the stage was set for the Poson day program which comprised of activities such as Alms Giving, Bodhi Pooja and Pahan Pooja.

The day concluded with yet another splendid performance of “Poson Bathi Gee” by the X’ians.

All in all it was an excellent program and hats off to everyone who took part.