Git rebase is a handy mechanism when you need merge the changes of your branch with another branch (probably with the master branch) . But the process behind a git-rebase is not that simple as the definition suggests , but it is clean and awesome . In this post , I am going to go through with the process behind a git rebase , when to use it , and when to avoid it .

Let’s look at the following simple scenario..

Say you have a master branch called master .. (duh)
And you are creating a development-branch out of this master branch to do your development stuff.

And you are now working on this development-branch for sometime . You make changes , you add these changes and you commit those changes to this branch . Now after few days , you decides that it is the right time to integrate your changes to the master branch . But guess what , your team members have already pushed their changes to the master branch . So you cannot just easily merge your changes to the master without messing up the changes of your peers…

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Written by Salim Malik